In August of 2017, Jessie Mostipak (@kierisi) launched an experiment, referred to as the R for Data Science Online Learning Community, with the goal of creating a supportive and responsive online space for learners and mentors to gather and work through the R for Data Science text.

The aim of this group is to move through the R for Data Science text, which walks readers through the major features of the tidyverse in the context of data science. We also aim to help useRs learn R and expand their R knowledge.

Types of members


  • You are developing your skills in R

  • You are developing your skills in data analysis

  • You have regular access to both a computer and internet connection

  • You are comfortable installing software on your computer


  • You enjoy contributing to the creation of a positive online learning community

  • You don’t get frustrated when someone asks (for the 100th time) what a factor is–in fact, you’re excited to come up with multiple methods to help ensure that someone is learning and mastering the material

  • You have 1–2 hours a week that you can spend answering questions via Slack, and working with learners to help them expand their skill set

  • Many mentors identify themselves as such by setting their Slack status to “M”


Administrators help keep the site running. At this point in time there is no formal process for becoming an administrator, as we are waiting to see how many people are interested. If you’d like to help us continually improve the community, please speak up in the Slack!